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We’re currently working with our D4 pharma community to create a D4 online community platform, with a working title of “D4 Connect”. 

This platform will be accessed predominantly via a mobile app and is designed to help pharma R&D, IT and other data-related professionals connect with their peers. It will be a place where users can share ideas, get help, answers or recommendations, opinions and support on a range of different topics and challenges.

D4 Connect will be available via an application process to anyone from pharma who wants to sign up. It will be free to use.

This platform will fill a gap in the market for QUICK, INFORMAL, REGULAR and EASY engagement between pharma peers working towards similar goals relating to the use of biodata in pharma R&D. It will replace the sort of conversations and interactions that typically take place at a conference or meeting. It will be a great place for the informal exchange of non-competitive intelligence.

Finally, the platform will be fully secure and allow participants to chat both publicly and privately with other participants, as well as leave without a trace.

We’re currently developing the alpha product. Contact Rich Lumb if you’re interested in taking part in early development by providing advice and feedback.