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Varenka Rodriguez DiBlasi, Boehringer Ingelheim: Computational biology approaches towards interrogating the tumor microenvironment

Varenka Rodriguez DiBlasi, Exploratory Bioinformatics Lab Head of Cancer Immunology at Boehringer Ingelheim, shared a case study at D4 USA last October, with some of the computational approaches her team use to identify novel target leads, and the multi-omics study design they use to validate them.

Dr Diblasi covered the following in the slides she has shared below:

  • Quantifying tumour immune and stroma contexture with transcriptome and chromatin landscapes
  • Challenges in integrating these datasets into a harmonized atlas that can be used to better understand cellular identity and function
  • Cell signatures redefined by multi-omics approaches
  • TME Spatial Features
Varenka Rodriguez Diblasi - Boehringer pdf

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