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The Tri-Omics Summit USA

Front Line Genomics is pleased to announce the first Tri-Omics Summit in Boston, MA on September 27th – 29th 2022. An industry first, the Tri-Omics Summit will address discuss three of the hottest areas within life sciences: single cell & spatial analysis, multi-omics research and cancer genomics.

Stakeholders from research, pharma, healthcare and technology backgrounds will attend to bridge the knowledge gap between disciplines to drive your research into the “fast lane” when it comes to omics analysis and accelerates patient benefit.

More than 50 speakers are confirmed to share their research and case studies including:  

·      Baohong Zhang, Head of Research Data Sciences, Biogen
·      Jeffrey Moffitt, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
· Heidi Rehm, Chief Genomics Officer, Massachusetts General Hospital
·      J. Carl Barrett, VP, Translational Sciences Oncology, AstraZeneca
·      Kenna Mills Shaw, Executive Director, MD Anderson Cancer Center
·      Nikolaus Schultz, Computational Oncologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
·      Stephen Bruce Baylin, Professor of Oncology, Johns Hopkins University
·      John Quackenbush, Chair, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
·      Sisi Chen, Director, Beckman Single cell Profiling and Engineering Center, Caltech

Here are just some of the organizations already confirmed to attend:

Harvard Medical School • Merck • Stanford University • The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center • Gilead • The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences • Bayer • Scripps Research • Rutgers University • Sanofi • The Broad • Duke University • Johns Hopkins University • AstraZeneca • Caltech • Amgen • National Institutes of Health • GSK •UC San Diego • Bristol Myers Squibb • University of Toronto • Roche & more…

The Tri-Omics Summit brings you presentations and discussion across three different topics, so you’re no longer addressing important issues in a silo. With one ticket, you can access all the content from the three events across three days, switching between tracks whenever you like (without missing a thing).

Here’s a small selection of talks that we thought may be of interest to you:

  • Integrative Visualization of Multi-Omics Data with trackViewer 
    Julie Zhu, Research Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Disease-associated gene prioritization using multiplex heterogeneous networks  
    Serdar Bozdag, Associate Professor, University of North Texas
  • A New Omics-Based Approach to Discovering Novel Compounds/Targets  
    Bin Chen, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
  • Seq and You Will Find:  Advancing innovative Therapeutics Through Next Generation Sequencing Technologies.  
    Craig S. Mickanin, Executive Director-Chemical Biology and Therapeutics & Head-Genomic Sciences, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
  • Computational Approaches to Single Cell Sequencing: Helping Single Cell Data Be Its Best Self 
    Mathew Chamberlain, Senior Scientist, Janssen
  • Therapeutic Algebra of Immune Modulation with Single-Cell Resolution 
    Sisi Chen, Director, Beckman Single cell Profiling and Engineering Center (SPEC), Caltech
  • Harnessing Single-Cell Omics for Immuno-Therapeutic Targeting and Biomarker Discovery  
    Chi-Ming Li, Senior Principal Scientist, Amgen
  • Harnessing single-cell transcriptomics and spatial biology for cell-centric drug development 
    Giorgio Gaglia Principal Scientist, Sanofi
  • Integration of Omics-Data Resources for Lung Cancer 
    Mehdi Pirooznia, Assoc. Director of Pharmaceutical Data Science, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
  • Machine Learning & AI for Oncology Drug Discovery & Development
    Celine Han, Principal Scientist, Translational Bioinformatics, Bristol Myers Squibb

Tickets are free for the vast majority of the audience. And, if you can’t make the in-person event, a digital version takes place one week later!
For more details and to register for your ticket please visit

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