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The Tri-Omics Summit Europe

Front Line Genomics is pleased to announce the first Tri-Omics Summit in London on 18th – 20th October 2022. The Tri-Omics Summit will address discuss three of the hottest areas within life sciences: single cell & spatial analysis, multi-omics and cancer genomics.

More than 50 speakers are expected to share their research and case studies including:

  • Virginia Savova, Global Head of Single-cell Biology, Sanofi  
  • Slavica Dimitrieva, Senior Data Science Expert II, Novartis  
  • Andrew Beggs, Group Leader, University of Birmingham  
  • Oliver Stegle, Associate Group Leader, DKFZ & EMBL  
  • Davina Gale, Translational Medicine Lead, Oncology R&D, AstraZeneca  
  • Emilio Yangüez, Senior Scientist, Roche
  • Vivek Das, Senior Research Scientist, Novo Nordisk 
  • Emma Laing, Director, Computational Biology, GSK  
  • Ana Conesa, Research Professor, Spanish National Research Council  
  • Tamas Korcsmaros, Senior Lecturer in Intestinal Epithelial Biology, Imperial College London  

Here are just some of the organizations already confirmed to attend:

Imperial College London • Janssen • University of Torino • Spanish National Research Council • EMBL • Novartis • Oncode Institute • Institute of Cancer Research • DKFZ • Sanofi • University of Birmingham • UMC Utrecht • University of Manchester • Université Côte d’Azur • University of Dundee • AstraZeneca • Novo Nordisk • University of Cambridge • Leiden University • University College London • GSK & more…

The Tri-Omics Summit brings you presentations and discussion across three different topics, so you’re no longer addressing important issues in a silo. With one ticket, you can access all the content from the three events across three days, switching between tracks whenever you like (without missing a thing).

Here’s a small selection of the talks that we thought may be of interest to you:

  • Network medicine approaches to utilise multi-omics data 
    • Tamas Korcsmaros, Senior Lecturer in Intestinal Epithelial Biology, Imperial College London  
  • Modelling the patient journey using machine learning 
    • Zahra McVey, Research Scientist, Novo Nordisk  
  • Multiplex spatial tissue analysis of proteins and RNA expression profiles to explore cellular interactions in inflammation and cancer 
    • Yvonne Vercoulen, Assistant Professor, UMC Utrecht  
  • Single-cell proteomics – from discrete analysis to multi-variate visualisations 
    • Yann Abraham, Senior principal data scientist, Janssen  
  • A track of the clones: Understanding haematopoietic stem cell dynamics in cancer and gene therapy  
    • David Kent, Group Leader, York Biomedical Research Institute, The University of York 
  • Deciphering Colorectal Cancer Heterogeneity using Spatial Transcriptomics 
    • Alberto Valdeolivas Urbelz, Scientist, Roche 
  • Neuroendocrine tumours – cracking the epigenetic code 
    • Chrissie Thirlwell, Professor of Cancer Genomics, University of Exeter 
  • Interrogating the cancer genome using long-read sequencing  
    • Tobias Rausch, Senior Bioinformatician, EMBL  
  • Inferring the dynamics of cancer evolution 
    • Trevor Graham, Professor, Institute of Cancer Research  
  • AI to understand health and disease using single-cell reference atlases   
    • Mohammad Lotfollahi, Group Leader, Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen

Tickets are free for the vast majority of the audience. And, if you can’t make the in-person event, a digital version takes place one week later!

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