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Real-World Evidence ONLINE

The transformation currently underway within pharma organizations is undoubtedly driving the need for, and use of, real-world data and evidence. It’s fair to say that the ‘fixed mindset’ that evidence from randomized controlled trials is always the best source of evidence has been well and truly debunked.

Yet, there are still many challenges, and many changes necessary, that need to be navigated by pharma to get the most value out of RWE.

Real-World Evidence ONLINE is a unique, free-to-attend, three-part webinar series that will provide you with unique insights, lessons learned and pitfalls in three critical areas relating to the use of real-world evidence.

  • Data Strategy – Webinar One (with input from Janssen, Bayer and Roche)
  • Harnessing Technology – Webinar Two (with input from Bayer and the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard)
  • Applications of RWE in Advancing Healthcare Decision Making – Webinar Three ( with input from Novartis, Bioforum and Harvard School of Public Health)

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Webinar 1: Data Strategy

Wednesday 10th February – 3pm GMT / 4pm CET / 10am EST

Without the optimal data strategy in place, the true value of using RWE will never be fully realized. This webinar will focus on helping attendees develop and improve their data strategy, including optimizing internal data processes relating to the utilization of RWE, including breaking down data silos, making data more accessible and generation of insights from disparate data-sets.

Featuring the following presentations, followed by speaker Q&A:

21st Century Real World Research for 21st Century Outcomes – Nigel Hughes, Scientific Director, Janssen

Case Study: Applying Clustered Approaches to Patient Populations – Vanja Vlajnic, Senior Manager, Statistics and Data Insights, Bayer

Presentation title to be confirmed – Martin Romacker, Data and Information Architect, Roche


Webinar 2: Harnessing Technology

Wednesday 17th February – 3pm GMT / 4pm CET / 10am EST

The real world is complex. It can be extremely difficult to analyze Real World Data and derive insights that drive effective decision making. AI/ML approaches can be used to accelerate progress and gain new insights, yet their use can be over-hyped and poorly understood. In this webinar, you’ll learn from seasoned practitioners on where the real value lies, how to employ AI tools and what mistakes to avoid.

Featuring the following presentations, followed by speaker Q&A:

Applying machine learning engineering to RWE – Abhishek Choudhary, Lead Data Engineer, Bayer

Building a Large EHR Data Set to Enable Disease Modeling with Deep Learning – Chris Reeder, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Presentation title to be confirmed – Gopal Sarma, ML Strategy and Operations Lead, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard


Webinar 3: Applications of RWE in Advancing Healthcare Decision Making

Wednesday 24th February – 3pm GMT / 4pm CET / 10am EST

Once you have the insights you need from your real-world data, what do you do next? In this session speakers will cover how to advance from insights to applications, using their expertise, advice, lessons learned and case studies to support attendees to ultimately generate better treatment approaches.

Featuring the following presentations, followed by speaker Q&A:

The Importance of Real-World Evidence during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Natalie Gavrielov, Director of Medical Writing – Medical Device and Digital Health, BioForum

Case Study: A Collection of Networks – John Quackenbush, Chair of the Biostatistics Department, Harvard School of Public Health

Introduction to External Control Arms in RWE – Eibhlin Hudson, RWE Group Head, Novartis and Gearoid Noone, RWE Research Analyst, Novartis

Advancing Life Science R&D Through the Use of RWD – Spencer Andrei, Marketing Associate, Nashville Bioscience

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