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Pistoia Alliance release their FAIR Toolkit

Pistoia Alliance has launched their open-access FAIR Toolkit with use cases and methods collated by data science professionals across the life sciences industry. The resource aims to help pharmaceutical, biotech and agri-food sectors with the implementation of FAIR guiding principles for better data management and stewardship.

The FAIR Toolkit includes the practical benefits of making data FAIR, use cases to demonstrate the benefits, how-to guides for using FAIR tools, training and change management, as well as tips and other resources.

The use cases are shared by Bayer, Roche, The Hyve, AstraZeneca and semantic software company SciBite.

The tools covered are:

  • Data Management Plans
  • Findability Maturity Indicators
  • Accessibility Maturity Indicators
  • Data Granularity and Context
  • Interoperability Maturity Indicators
  • Reusability Maturity Indicators

Training how-to guides included:

  • BYOD Datathon Workshops
  • Data Stewardship
  • FAIRification Workflow

Change how-to guides included:

  • Readiness for change
  • Change Agents
  • Data Capability Maturity Model

Access the full FAIR ToolKit here

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