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Proposed: Geroprotective treatment to prevent Covid-19 (and boost the economy)

As the international race for a viable vaccine or treatment rages on, all number of Covid-19 prevention strategies have been […]

“We are starting to appreciate non-coding DNA” – Interview with Dr Sandra Smieszek, Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.

FLG: Could you give us an introduction of yourself and the work you do? I’m Sandra Smieszek and I’m the […]

Foundations for AI are “Critical” to our Continued Success – Interview with Dr Paul Agapow, AstraZeneca

FLG: Could you introduce yourself and the work you do? I am currently a Health Informatics Director at AstraZeneca. I […]

Interview with Dr Halima Moncrieffe, Assistant Professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Dr Halima Moncrieffe is an Assistant Professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, ranked top 3 in the USA, where she combines genomics with immunology to understand medication response and disease etiology. Halima is an award-winning immunologist who’s ultimate goal is to move towards a cure for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, so children can live pain-free and to their full potential

Interview with Dr Michelle Krishnan, Translational Medicine Leader in rare diseases, Roche

FLG: Could you introduce yourself and tell us about the work you are currently doing at Roche? I am a […]

Big data identifies melatonin as potential COVID-19 treatment

COVID-19 A new study, led by Cleveland Clinic and published in PLOS Biology, has found that melatonin may be a […]

Replicating RCTs using RWD

We summarise a paper, published in Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, that explored the issues of randomised control trials (RCTs) […]

Predicting near-term COVID-19 mortality using an ML-based approach

A team of researchers have developed a machine learning (ML)-based algorithm to analyse electronic health record (EHR) data and reliably […]

Building trust in real-world secondary data studies

A recent report, published in Value in Health, has described a plan for making registration of hypothesis evaluating treatment effectiveness […]

Artificial intelligence systems in ophthalmology

A recent review, published in Current Opinion In Ophthalmology, explores the current status of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in ophthalmology. […]