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Data-driven eligibility criteria may make clinical trials more inclusive

Researchers have shown that relaxing the eligibility criteria of clinical trials in a data-driven manner can significantly increase the number […]

Brain mapping identifies therapeutic targets for neuropsychiatric symptoms

Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed a new brain mapping approach that uses brain lesion datasets and data […]

Predicting biomarkers for immunotherapy response using machine learning

The complex nature of the tumour microenvironment poses a great challenge for the extraction of biomarkers of immune response and […]

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data in drug discovery

For the first time, a review explored in depth how big data and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are currently being […]

Could Translational Precision Medicine be the modern approach to drug discovery and development?

A recent study has explored the concept of a modern and collaborative approach to data-driven drug development called Translational Precision […]

Estimating IBD Treatment Effectiveness Using Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records (EHRs) are receiving growing attention as a potential source of real-world data. However, their suitability for evaluating […]

Identifying Drug Repurposing Candidates for COVID-19 Using Drug-Wide Association Studies

A recent study carried out a systematic evaluation of the drugs available in electronic health record data, including prescription drugs […]

Drug-Drug Interaction Algorithms – An Evaluation

A recent study developed, validated and evaluated drug-drug interaction algorithms that alert clinicians to potentially harmful interactions, which take advantage […]

Solving the Problem of Deconvolution Using CRISPR-Cas9

A recent article, published in Nature Communications, has outlined a new method of deconvolution using CRISPR-Cas9 for phenotypically discovered antibody […]

Eliminating Racial Disparities in Drug Development for Multiple Myeloma

African Americans are at a higher risk of multiple myeloma, yet are underrepresented in clinical trials and benefit less from […]