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Novartis: Data landscaping, FAIR play, FAIRification, killer apps and the ROI question

In his keynote presentation at D4 in Basel last October, Philippe Marc, Global Head Integrated Data Sciences at Novartis, set the scene as to why leveraging biodata is so crucial to today’s drug R&D and with that in mind, how we should be proceeding.

Marc contrasts 2019 trends in pharma R&D and healthcare technology with cultural and policy trends in regards to data ownership and the increasing implementation of Good Machine Learning Principles (GMLPs).

“Up to registration and approval the Pharmaceutical Industry’s main deliverable is data and therefore, the main business is data integration and knowledge management”. To this ends, how do we best create and use data collections?

  • Look at the guiding principles of FAIR data standards, the process of FAIRification of existing data, and things that need to be considered
  • Where do we expect to see ROI? Principally in three places: productivity gain, killer apps, and new analytical capabilities, including AI and ML
  • What is the Novartis killer app?
Philippe Marc - Novartis

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