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Join the Front Line Genomics start up directory

In a previous post, we have hinted that we are working hard behind the scenes to further support genomic start ups. Front Line Genomics is delighted to announce that we are building a directory of all start ups with a genomic component.

The directory is being built with the support of accelerators, investors and incubators in the space and will be a key beneficial resource for everyone in the genomic ecosystem.

We invite all founders of genomic start ups to submit the details of their company to using this form for a free listing.

What is in it for you?

  • A free listing on the start up directory on the Front Line Genomics website
  • Access to exclusive ways to participate in the Festival of Genomics
  • Access to start up resources, built with experts
  • Be part of a start up community that can benefit and learn from each other
  • The opportunity to be part of start up related content, e.g. “Start up of the week” in our newsletter.

Why are we doing this?

In line with our social mission, we want to help all start ups bring the benefit of genomics to patients faster.

  • We would like to support start ups publicise themselves to our network, highlighting their own USPs to the market
  • Start ups will have access to our digital resources and advice where, especially in these times, they may not have access to it in-person.
  • The directory will form a resource to end-users, investors and those interested in the genomics ecosystem
  •  It will create a space for the different incubators (and similar) to promote their activities and events to the start ups
  • It will allow start ups to join our growing genomic community

Start ups can submit their information here to be included

We are very open to any start up with a genomic component, e.g. therapeutic companies, bioinformatic companies etc. are included and will be separated by genre.

Submit your details now, and watch out for the directory on our new site (coming soon!)

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