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Fighting COVID19 with bioinformatics & data science resource

Paul Agapow, Health Informatics Director at AstraZeneca, in Cambridge, UK and past D4 speaker, has complied a list of resources and pointers for those wishing to lend their skills in the fight against COVID-19.

Paul explains that the resource was originally requested by members of BioinformaticsLondon, a meet-up for bioinformaticians based in London funnily enough. The aim was to bypass a lot of the busy work that has been showing up on social media, where data scientists with no epidemiology background bang out a model that serves no purpose but to scare people.

The concise resource covers (mostly UK-centric) technical projects, as well as a few ongoing non-technical volunteering efforts.

Check it out here

Note: This list will not be updated further. Instead the author asks potential contributors to add their data sets top the existing resource rather than create siloes.

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