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Effective visualizations for data-driven decision making

A pharma-led R Studio webinar last week tackled the topic of designing effective data visualizations that can both provide better R&D insights and help to communicate these results to drug development stakeholders.

The webinar introduces the collaborative work between Novartis and Roche, to establish the right graphical principles for developing visualization tools that can report biomedical and clinical data. The result is an initial visR package, presented in this session, that will be open-sourced, user-friendly, and easily-integrable to a standard tidyverse workflow.

The four webinars speakers are Charlotta Früchtenicht, Personalized Healthcare Data Science, Product Development, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Diego Saldana, Senior Data Scientist, Roche, Mark Baille, Advanced Methodology and Data Science, Clinical Development and Analytics, Novartis, and Novartis Biostatistician, Marc Vandemeulbroecke.

A detailed summary blog can be found here, and the webinars slides here.

Effective Visualizations for Data Driven Decisions – RStudio

The graphic principles cheat sheet mentioned in the webinar can be found here

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