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Biorelate Ltd offer their AI platform free to researchers impacted by COVID-19

The venture-backed AI start-up, Biorelate, will offer their proprietary knowledge curation platform, Galactic, to scientists around the world, whilst the pandemic continues to disrupt access to lab facilities.

As global research output doubles every nine years, 80% of which is unstructured, there is an ever-greater need to make sense of the knowledge stored within repositories and publications.

The cloud-based tool uses AI to auto-curate biomedical knowledge from text sources, making sense of unstructured data. By doing so, Biorelate say they can provide systematic analysis of data available on drug targets, mechanisms of action, and indications, significantly reducing research timelines.

As lockdowns and social distancing measures continue across much of the world, it has meant that for many wet lab scientists, their research has been interrupted, stalled, or their focus shifted to pursing COVID-19 therapies. But whilst many experiments have been put on hold as universities and research institutes work on reduced capacity, researchers are doing what they can to continue desk-based research from home, says Biorelate CEO and founder, Daniel Jamieson:

“Our platform auto-curates knowledge, helping researchers across all disease areas make better use of all the existing and emerging scientific data locked away in text. We very much hope that with the release of Galactic, a browser-ready search engine to our platform, researchers will be able to take advantage of potential insights into focal points of research, such as drug targets and indications, at a time when they are more limited to desk-based activities.”

The free license to the Galactic web app will allow researchers to navigate through multiple portals of research, experts, and organisations. For larger organisations, there are paid-for options to increase the functionality of the platform, including the use of in-house designed ontologies and the start-ups own content.

If you’re interested in trying Galactic, you can register here

Image credit: Intelligens

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