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Replicating RCTs using RWD

We summarise a paper, published in Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, that explored the issues of randomised control trials (RCTs) […]

Data-driven eligibility criteria may make clinical trials more inclusive

Researchers have shown that relaxing the eligibility criteria of clinical trials in a data-driven manner can significantly increase the number […]

Efficacy-Effectiveness Gap in Immunotherapy Clinical vs. Real-World Data

A recent study published in Scientific Reports aimed to assess how outcomes of immunotherapy in real-world (effectiveness) parallel to outcomes […]

Benefits and limitations of RWE

We review a recent study, published in Future Oncology, that discussed the benefits and limitations of real-world evidence (RWE), using […]

Use of RWD for clinical trial conduct

We summarise a recent article, published in JAMIA, that reviewed the scope of database-specific RWD applications within clinical trial contexts. […]

Evaluation of data quality practices

Data quality is critical to avoid the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ paradigm. We summarise a recent systematic review, published in […]

Real-world evidence in regulatory decision making

Real-world evidence can be used to show that a drug or medical device is safe and effective. The FDA has […]

The use and misuse of RWD during the pandemic

“The pandemic has brought out a lot of good, bad, and ugly.” – Cynthia Girman, Pharmaceutical Executive, Merck (on the […]

Using ML to identify responders vs non-responders

We summarise a recent study, published as preprint in medrxiv, that explored the hypothesis that a data-driven analysis of a […]

Utilising RWE to reduce burden of noncommunicable diseases

We summarise a recent article, published in Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, that explored the power of real-world data […]