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EubOPEN consortium to provide open-source cheminformatics tools for one third of druggable proteins

The chemistry services team at EMBL has announced that they will provide an informatics infrastructure to the IMI-funded EUbOPEN Consortium […]

IBM Watson teams up with Anaconda to simplify AI open- source adoption

Image source: AiTHORITY IBM Watson has announced a new collaboration with leading Python data science platform provider, Anaconda, Inc., to […]

Roche acquires Stratos Genomics to develop nanopore sequencing technology

Roche announced on Friday that they have acquired the early-stage sequencing technology company, Stratos Genomics to advance the development of […]

Fujitsu and Polarisqb launch de novo drug discovery platform

The American biotech Polarisqb have partnered with the tech giant Fujitsu to combine pioneering quantum-inspired technology, machine learning, hybrid quantum […]

Deep neural networks for cancer diagnosis and predicting treatment outcomes

Researchers have carried out a study investigating whether deep neural networks can represent associations between gene expression, histology and medical […]

Multi-omics analysis reveals acute myeloid leukemia metabolic variation mechanisms

Researchers at Kumamoto University have demonstrated that lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) shapes the variation in metabolic phenotypes seen in distinct […]

Marine Natural Products Database for Drug Discovery

Marine organisms are expected to be an important source of inspiration for drug discovery. At present, very few databases exist […]

Aorta tell you about a new drug for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

For the first time, medication that impacts heart muscle thickness and function, rather than addressing symptoms, is found to treat […]

Interview with Anandbir Brar, Chief Executive Officer, Excelra

We recently interviewed Anandbir Brar, Chief Executive Officer of Excelra. Excelra is the lead sponsor for our D4 Global virtual event.  […]

Fighting COVID-19 with drug repurposing

A recent review, published in Pharmacological Reports, discusses the current efficacy of drug repurposing against COVID-19. The search The race […]