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Machine learning algorithm detects opioid addiction early

Opioid use disorder can lead to clinically significant impairment or distress. Researchers have now used machine learning to develop a prediction […]

Defining antimalarial drug action using machine learning

A team of researchers have developed a semi-supervised machine learning approach to define antimalarial drug action from heterogenous cell-based screens. […]

Machine Learning for Disruptive Drug Development – a 3 part webinar series

The cost of drug R&D has increased by ten-fold in the last 30 years, but the success rate of candidate […]

Machine learning enhances scoring functions for structure-based virtual screening

In a recent article, published in Drug Discovery Today: Technologies, Pedro J. Ballester analyses existing machine learning scoring functions for […]

Detecting neonatal seizures using machine learning

Researchers recently presented results from the first multicentre trial addressing the performance of a machine learning algorithm in detecting seizures […]

COVID-19: Are we asking machine learning the right questions?

COVID-19 has put unprecedented strain on healthcare agencies across much of the developed and developing world. Governments have scrambled to […]

Moving towards machine learning engineering

Over the last few decades, we have made giant leaps forward with machine learning technologies. We can now train machines […]

Advances in machine learning for constructing biomedical knowledge graphs

Knowledge graphs, as a means of structuring information and modelling complex relationships, have rocketed in popularity across many industries, including […]

Base editing outcomes predicted by machine learning model

Single nucleotide variants (SNVs) are implicated in about half of all genetic diseases and so, accurately targeting and editing these […]

Machine learning technical debt: The old and the new

Back in 2015, at the time of its publication, the Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems paper was mostly overlooked, […]