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A novel computer system can help inform future therapies for patients with inherited cardiovascular disease

Researchers from around the world have collaborated to develop a genomic computer system to show how some genetic mutations can […]

Say cheese: Deep learning detects coronary artery disease based on photos

A team of researchers have developed and validated a deep learning algorithm for detecting coronary artery disease (CAD) based on […]

Deep learning framework accurately predicts and diagnoses Alzheimer’s Disease

Early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s remains the most effective way of reducing the burden of the disease, which is […]

Interview with Dr Michelle Krishnan, Translational Medicine Leader in rare diseases, Roche

FLG: Could you introduce yourself and tell us about the work you are currently doing at Roche? I am a […]

My Personal Mutanome: A computational genomic medicine platform that links genotype to phenotype

A team of researchers have developed a personalized genomic medicine platform, My Personal Mutanome, that will help accelerate genome-informed cancer […]

AI-based approach for detecting myocardial scarring

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based approach for the prediction of myocardial scarring based on electrocardiogram (ECG) and additional […]

What is artificial intelligence?

In recent years, the term ‘artificial intelligence’ has become a major buzz word across the pharmaceutical and tech industry. But […]

Statins and COVID-19 outcomes

By analysing a large, diverse population, researchers at the University of San Diego School of Medicine showed that patients using […]

New skin patch monitors health

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a soft, stretchy skin patch that can be worn on […]

Deep learning for drug repurposing

Drug repurposing is an effective strategy to identify new uses for existing drugs. Ohio State University researchers have now created […]