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Deep learning for drug repurposing

Drug repurposing is an effective strategy to identify new uses for existing drugs. Ohio State University researchers have now created […]

Deep learning network performs segmentation at radiologist-level

Researchers have developed a deep learning network architecture that achieves fully automated radiologist-level segmentation of breast tumours in MRI. Segmentation […]

Deep learning objectively predicts blood quality

Researchers have used flow cytometry and deep learning to characterise red blood cell lesions in order to objectively predict blood […]

Deep learning in melanoma mutational screening

A recent study has explored the role of deep learning as a tool for rapid mutational screening in melanoma. Detecting […]

Say cheese: Deep learning detects coronary artery disease based on photos

A team of researchers have developed and validated a deep learning algorithm for detecting coronary artery disease (CAD) based on […]

Deep learning in genomics – are we there yet?

As genomic sequencing becomes more routine, handling the sheer volume of data being produced is causing major issues. We must […]

Deep learning model estimates gene expression from DNA methylation and copy number variation

Genetic and epigenetic changes underpin the development of a plethora of biological conditions that can be acquired over the course […]

Deep learning framework accurately predicts and diagnoses Alzheimer’s Disease

Early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s remains the most effective way of reducing the burden of the disease, which is […]

DeepCE: A deep-learning framework for screening novel chemicals

Researchers have proposed a new mechanism – DeepCE – driven by deep learning, that provides a robust predictive model for […]

MethylationToActivity: A deep-learning framework that infers promoter activity

A recent study, published as a preprint in bioRxiv, presents a new machine learning framework – MethylationToActivity. This framework uses […]