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BioInfi: Build and optimise a biotech portfolio: Target selection and disease indications

Pankaj Agarwal, Computational Biologist at BioInfi, shared in his D4 USA presentation in October last year how to build and […]

Pharma or biotech: Who is better to work for?

To most in the life sciences, the perks of working for big pharma are obvious. Job security, company stability, steady […]

A new workflow for drug discovery bypasses current inefficiencies

Researchers from the Laboratory of Computational Systems Biotechnology at EPFL, Switzerland, have developed a database – – that could […]

Applying AI to extend human longevity

Deep longevity, a biotech company that aims to transform longevity R&D through AI, has released a paper in Nature Ageing, […]

Interview with Anandbir Brar, Chief Executive Officer, Excelra

We recently interviewed Anandbir Brar, Chief Executive Officer of Excelra. Excelra is the lead sponsor for our D4 Global virtual event.  […]

Overview of knowledge management

With the advent of new technologies, a greater amount of data needs to be sourced, stored and maintained. Over the […]

Powering drug discovery with 10 simple rules

A recent Perspective, published in PLOS Computational Biology, has highlighted 10 simple rules to power drug discovery with data science. […]

Insilico & Arctoris partner to combine robotics & AI for COVID-19 therapeutics

American biotech, Insilico Medicine and research tech company, Arctoris Ltd, have announced a technology partnership to jointly discover and profile […]

Artificial intelligence in drug discovery market forecast to 2024 released

Ample Market Research has last month published their analysis of the Artificial intelligence market for drug development, to highlight the […]

Roche acquires Stratos Genomics to develop nanopore sequencing technology

Roche announced on Friday that they have acquired the early-stage sequencing technology company, Stratos Genomics to advance the development of […]