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Are we ready to use AI to monitor health outcomes in the elderly?

A recent debate article, published in BMC Geriatrics, has explored whether artificial intelligence (AI) health monitoring may be a suitable […]

Multi-target drug design against schizophrenia

A recent review, published in Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, has explored our current understanding of schizophrenia and the applications […]

Introducing AI into daily clinical workflow

A recent editorial, published in European Radiology, has highlighted the challenges and solutions for introducing artificial intelligence (AI) into daily […]

AI platforms in radiation oncology

A recent perspective, published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, reviews the opportunities and challenges of implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in […]

AI in prostate cancer diagnosis

A recent study has reported of the success of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithm in the detection, grading and clinical […]

AI and its role in the COVID-19 pandemic

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in research and within clinical settings is becoming increasingly apparent. Recent studies, summarised by […]

The delivery science of AI

A recent Comment, published in npj Digital Medicine, discusses the importance of developing a ‘delivery science’ to allow for artificial […]

COVID-19 clinical trials failing to enrol diverse populations

Despite global recognition that diversity within population studies is poor, clinical trials for current treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 still […]

How is AI accelerating drug development?

The first entirely AI-developed drug candidate, DSP-1181, entered Phase I clinical trials in Japan earlier this year, having been discovered […]

Where is AI for COVID-19 clinical decision support?

For the past number of years artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been subject to almost unbridled optimism, […]